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We know
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Most SPY employees have many years of experience in the fashion and textile industries. This means that all the special needs of the textile industry have been integrated into the system from the outset and further developed. A development which, by the way, never stops.

Meet the people at spy

We are a motley crew. But we are all passionate about making
your workday easier and your business better.

Hanne Bækgaard Therkelsen

Support and lifeline

You can ask Hanne about anything. All about the SPY system. But also all about sales in the fashion industry. She has nearly 20 years of experience in sales, service, salesperson and agent support, coordination and more. Just call. You won’t regret it.

Dan Skovsbøll

Management and IT

Dan grew up in the IT industry. He specializes in how digitization and IT can develop and optimize businesses. Primarily in the fashion industry.

Poul M. Kristensen Escribano

Communication and marketing

When IT needs to be communicated so that everyone can understand it, Poul is your man. With a degree in E-concepts and experience in marketing, he helps bring SPY closer to users through communication, support and service design.

Jens Bjerre Kristiansen

Management, Integration & ERP

Jens actually trained as a radio mechanic at Bang & Olufsen. But the radios were replaced with IT, where Jens has more than 20 years of experience as a consultant and developer of ERP systems.

Iben Viborg Hansen

Support and lifeline

Iben knows the fashion industry like few others. She is a trained buyer, has worked as a brand manager and has had responsibility for product management and sales. More than 20 years of experience in purchasing, production and wholesale with several companies enables Iben to help you with a lot more than just the features of SPY.

Jesper Bjerregaard

Management and sales

Since Jesper left school, he has worked as a salesperson, sales manager, founder and CEO at some of Denmark’s largest and best-known fashion and textile companies. Jesper really knows the clothing industry from the inside.

Get the full story.

Get the full story.

Two men meet. Get a good idea. Set out to create SPY. And the rest is, as they say, history.

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Charlotte F. Nielsen

Support and lifeline

Many companies in the clothing industry have benefited from Charlotte's good humour for more than 16 years. Charlotte has extensive experience with all the processes and workflows that are unique to the industry. And she has plenty of experience with export sales and private label from A to Z. A knowledge that customers benefit from every day.

Jakob Skuldbøl

Support and lifeline

Jakob has with his thirteen years of experience as a sales coordinator in the textile industry, a great knowledge to combine and manage sales, purchase, economy, and stock. He is also used to provide customer service where his knowledge and experience daily benefits the customers.


Office dog

”Vov vov vov vov vov vov vuf vov”

Jakob Nygård Larsen


Jacob always knew that “something with computers” was the way forward. This led to studies in both computer science and computer engineering. But in the end, the internship won out over theory. That’s something that we – and SPY’s customers – benefit from each day.

Mette Skovsbøll

Support and lifeline

Mette’s background is actually in retail. But after more than 10 years in a range of jobs in the fashion industry, she moved on to the IT industry, customer service and administration. Mette has been with SPY from the very first day and is responsible for support, consulting, training and finances. And a little bit for Chilli the dog.

Tina Rønn Clausen

Support and lifeline

With almost 30 years of experience in the fashion and textile industry, Tina has a big piece of solid knowledge and background that allows her to support and advise you in much more than SPY. She has worked as a team leader focusing on sales and support. Tina has a broad knowledge of business processes at all levels and a good eye for a healthy workflow.

Poul Poulsen


Meet Mr. Systems developer. Poul has even taught the subject. He is now a 'code connoisseur' and 'Shopify Partenaire' at SPY. He helps each day to ensure that customers experience a smooth integration.

Nicolai Timmerby Steffensen


A long-standing and passionate interest in IT, hardware and programming led to Nicolai graduating as a data technician in 2015. Since then he has worked at SPY and his desire to program is fortunately undiminished.

Anne Grethe Jakobsen

Lunch lady

“An army marches on its stomach.” Anne Grethe knows that, and she faithfully makes sure lunch is ready when we’re hungry every single day. Thanks for everything!

Jan Ebsen


Jan has always had a strong interest in IT and how it works, which has resulted in the motto "If it can be separated, then it can also be put back together". He has been coding and working with website development since 2008 and is driven by improvements and optimizations

Thomas Pirajá Hansen


There is almost no computer science or music degree that Thomas doesn’t have. Combined with years of experience in developing and managing large IT projects with international giants, it is something of a scoop that Thomas is now at SPY.


Have fun

The photographer was at least as much at work as us, as we made the beautiful pictures and small films. Have a look, have a laugh! (in Danish)

Mads Willerslev Føhns


If you can think it, Mads can program it. His background is in HTX, specializing in technology. And when he’s not coding, Mads is leading a troop of boy scouts.

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Contact us

It starts
with a talk

Before you decide whether SPY
is the right choice, let’s talk.

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