Would´t it be cool with a tool that feels like it was made just for you and your business?

We have gathered many years of business experience and know-how from
our users and together created a system that has the sole purpose of
providing all users the right information and tools at the right time.

SPY is an ERP system solution designed for Fashion companies.

- SPY is used by more than 22.000 users in more than 70 countries

Forget IT duty and capitulate to IT pleasure

People should not adjust to their software. SPY believes the software should adjust to the needs
of the users. Your ERP should be helpful and something you look forward to using..

Training time

SPY is developed by the people that actually use the software. This makes SPY an intuitive
and easy-to-use tool. SPY gives you the necessary overview - if numbers turn red, it
indicates that something is not quite as good as it should be. If they are green, it
means that everything is fine. Couldn't be easier!
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Intelligent design sells design

Fashion is visually oriented and we have built SPY on an easily recognisable visual platform. Irrespective of
whether your job is in design, purchasing, logistics or sales, you can see pictures of the different styles
you are working with. You can click through the whole collection. In sales meetings, you can show your
customers all the designs. And one click places the order.

Click on the iPads below to see videos of Spy.

SPY overview

Your overview
is just a click away

Forget all about reports and difficult
diagrams. SPY gives you a visual overview
in understandable graphs with the
necessary data

SPY gives you an overview from the first
sketches and all the way out in the shops.
SPY is developed by experienced
businesspeople from the textile
industry and is targeted the fashion
industry. SPY is a helpful tool for everybody
working in the process from design over
sales and purchasing to production and

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Sales people
love SPY!

SPY is an efficient sales tool that supports
sales staffs at all levels. While still in the
car, check out the customer's history,
details and solvency before going in.

Show the customer your styles, inspire
with the newest sales Top 10, check the
inventory and place your orders directly
on your tablet during the meeting.
Mail or hand the customer an order
confirmation right away.

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The managers
live thermometer

SPY provides the sales director with a
continually updated sales status as well as
other key indicators.

Brand new data is compared with older data
to provide a fast status of both challenging
areas and sure successes.

A strong management tool

Convenient subscription

SPY is based on continual subscription at a fixed monthly price.
You are not committed for a long period and can freely adjust the number of users.

Out of the office, at home, on the go, in your spare
time, on PC, laptop, tablet, and on your telephone!

Log onto SPY via a browser! It is entirely up to you whether it´s in the office,
in the car or at home on the sofa. You have access to all information at
any time and any place.

Extend your business - if you like

SPY also offers B2B that allows shops to login and place their orders directly
from stock or that suppliers can type product information directly into SPY.

We will be happy to visit you and show you everything that SPY can do - and do for your business.
Call +45 9799 7776 or mail us at info@spysystem.dk

Spy ApS - Industrivej 48 - Denmark-7430 Ikast - telefon: 9799 7776 - mail: info@spysystem.dk